Schrack PERFORMANCE LINE-RJ45 Modul, Class.Ea 10Gb STP, PoE+, (SFB) HSPMRJ6G1T

SKU: SR167
Proizvođač: Schrack
Neto dužina 36,50mm
Neto širina 14,50mm
Neto visina 20,80mm
Neto težina 0,03kg
Min. temperatura okoline -40°C
Maks. temperatura okoline 70°C
Proizvod Modul - žensko
Oklop oklopljen
Norma kontaktora IEC 60603-7-51
Kategorija Cat.6a/10GB
Class E<sub>A</sub> acc. to ISO/IEC 11801 Amendment 1/2 typical link length > 2m, in combination with a CP-cable: CP-Link typ. > 10m 10GbE is supported
PoE+ Da
Plugging cycles ≥ 750
Insertion force ≤ 30N
Conductor diameter solid 0,51-0,65mm
AWG24/1 - AWG 22/1
Insulation diameter 5 - 9mm
Reusable IDC ≤ 5 cyvles with the same diameter
RoHS U saglasnosti sa EU direktivom 2002/95/EC
Housing Zinc diecast
Strain-relief sliver Zinc diecast
Surface nickel plated
Shield spring Stainless steel
PCB finish HAL lead-free
Kontaktni materijal Spring steel
Contact finish 0,762 µm / 30 µin Au
Insulation housing PA black (RAL9005)
Contact support plate PC yellow (RAL1021)
Dust protection cover PC clear
IDC finish min. 3-6 µm (120-240µin) Sn
Particularte ingress IP2X
Water ingress IPX0
Pakovanje Bio-degradable
Contact resistance ≤ 20mΩ
Otpornost izolacije ≥ 500 MΩ
Votage proof - contact-shield ≥ 1500 (DC)V
Current carring capacity at 50°C 1,25A
Transfer Impedance @ 1 MHz = ≤ 100mΩ
@ 10 MHz = ≤ 200mΩ
@ 80 MHz = ≤ 1600mΩ
Portovi 1